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An introduction

Welcome to The Panther Playbook, a blog about the Carolina Panthers (and sometimes the rest of the NFL) from a fan’s perspective. I guess the best way to get started would be to discuss what this blog will be about.

This is NOT an official blog of any sort. I do not claim to have any “inside track” to the Panthers or the NFL. I don’t have and don’t intend to have “sources”. I don’t need them. It’s not my job to report any breaking news – that’s left up to ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, etc. – I’m not a journalist, and I won’t pretend to be one.

I’ve read blogs in the past that claimed to have the inside scoop, and those claims may have been true – I will never know, but I don’t make those claims because I don’t have the ability to back them up. So, I choose to be a blogger who talks about his favorite team from an everyday fan’s perspective – nothing more, nothing less.

What you will read here is a football fan’s take on what he sees from his team on a day to day basis. I will discuss players, games, injuries, rumors, roster moves, etc. with the point of view of an avid fan, and I will always give a fair and honest perspective on any topic that I choose to cover.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the Panthers and the NFL, and I hope my writings will be interesting enough to promote passionate discussions about football for everyone who takes time to read my work.

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