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Steve Smith could miss 2 weeks

The Panthers may have caught a break (no pun intended) with the news that WR Steve Smith could only miss two weeks with the shoulder injury he sustained during practice in training camp.

Smitty was running drills with CB Chris Gamble when he hit the ground and landed on his shoulder. He got up grimacing in pain and tossed his helmet away in frustration, and has not seen action on the field since.

It is possible that he may be out for the entire preseason, and could even miss playing time in the regular season if he cannot recover from the injury in time.

Of course, he most likely wouldn’t play in the 4th preseason game anyway, so he may see some action in the 3rd game when the Panthers take on the Ravens – but it is most likely that the earliest he will play will be the first game of the regular season when the Panthers take on the Eagles in Charlotte.

When asked about his injury, Smitty said “I thought it was broken, because it was hurting. But it’s not, so we’ll just play it by ear with Ryan (Vermillion) and the training staff. They’re doing a good job icing it to death and doing the stuff that’s necessary.”

One positive thing that comes with this injury is that it gives WR Dwayne Jarrett plenty of opportunity to step up and become the prime receiver he was drafted to be a few years ago. Hopefully the extra drills in camp will help him develop his game and be an added weapon in the Panthers’ arsenal.

But hopefully it will work out where Smitty can return by Week 1, because the Panthers could use his play-making abilities on the field.

*Quotation courtesy of Andrew Mason and Panthers.com.

  1. bwsmith25
    12 August 2009 at 5:40 AM

    One other note – at least Smith didn't go ape-shit like last year and punch Gamble in the face.

  2. Lester's Legends
    12 August 2009 at 7:48 PM

    Maybe it's a bit of karma biting him back. Glad to see he wasn't hurt for too long. Mushin will have to have another solid year cause I don't trust anyone else.

  3. bwsmith25
    12 August 2009 at 8:52 PM

    You know, you could be on to something. Karma is a bitch – so it could be a dose of medicine that was due to him.

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