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Can the Panthers survive the injury bug?

The Panthers are playing shorthanded, plain and simple. Three of the most important cogs to the defensive unit have already suffered injuries this preseason, one of those injuries being season-ending.

These injuries will either cause major problems for the defensive unit this season, or it will inspire the reserve players to step up their game and make a positive impact on the 2009 Panthers season.

As of right now, the Panthers are without linebackers Thomas Davis and Jon Beason, safeties Nate Salley and Charles Godfrey, and defensive tackle Ma’ake Kemoeatu. Kemoeatu is out for the season after rupturing his achilles tendon on the first day of training camp, and the rest of the defensive injuries are of the 2-4 week variety.

The most important injury to keep an eye on is that of Beason, who is the leader of a defensive unit that is also trying to learn a completely new defensive scheme from first year (to the Panthers) coordinator Ron Meeks.

Without Beason, the Panthers are forced to use young linebacker Dan Connor to anchor the middle, and he seems to be up to the task and has played well so far in Beason’s absence. But, the leadership that Beason brings to the field will be missed the most while he is out of action for the next few weeks.

How will the Panthers respond to this latest flurry of injuries? Only time will tell, but I believe they will respond like most NFL teams do. Players will step up and fill voids, and everything will work out fine in the end.

Maybe it’s just my dumb loyalty talking, but I hope I’m right.

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