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Jeff Davidson — epic fail

Thanks for blowing it, Jeff.

Sometimes, I just don’t understand what goes through Jeff Davidson’s mind. He has to be the dumbest offensive play-caller in the league. There is no reason to believe that he knows what he is doing — he is just sitting there with his play sheet, calling the most asinine plays he can possibly come up with.

Obviously he isn’t watching the same game that everyone else is watching, because his play-calls show that either (a) he has no idea how to run an offense, or (b) he thinks he’s playing Madden 10 instead of coaching a real football game.

Case in point. The Panthers are down 23-20 with 4:36 to go in the 4th quarter and have the ball on the Saints’ 43 yard line. They have 1st and 10 with 2 timeouts left. They have two of the best running backs in the league (one who already had 100+ rushing yards and 2 TDs). The logical thing would be to run the ball, take some time off the clock, and move into FG range or get a touchdown. That would be the logical thing to do. But, what does Davidson call? THREE STRAIGHT PASSING PLAYS?!? WTF IS THAT?!?

Below is a breakdown of Davidson’s ineptitude. (The ball is on the NO 43)

1st & 10 — Jonathan Stewart 2 yd run.
2nd & 8  — deep pass incomplete to Steve Smith
3rd & 8  — deep pass incomplete to Dwayne Jarrett
4th & 8  — Delhomme sacked & fumbles (recovered by Saints — which is irrelevant)

Okay, someone please explain to me why the Panthers have to take three shots downfield in this situation. They have a dynamite running game. Why don’t they just run the ball three times? Certainly they can get 8 yards in three attempts, can’t they? And, if they run the ball twice and are stuffed — then I can understand throwing it on 4th & 8. But, throwing deep downfield on 2nd (and 3rd) & 8 is inconceivable to me.

Hopefully John Fox will see that Davidson’s inability to make a decent call on offense is costing this team winnable games, and hopefully Davidson will be relieved of his duties as soon as the plane lands in Charlotte tonight.

But of course Davidson won’t be fired. He will be right back on the sidelines next week, leading the Panthers to yet another loss in a winnable game because he can’t figure out that throwing the ball 30+ times a game is a bad idea.

Enjoy this loss, Jeff — because this one’s on you.

  1. LestersLegends
    9 November 2009 at 2:53 PM

    I'm sorry you have to live through this. Hey, at least you're not a Skins fan.

  2. bwsmith25
    9 November 2009 at 2:57 PM

    You know Lester — that actually does make me feel a little better. Things could always be worse.

  3. Rad
    9 November 2009 at 7:33 PM

    That was a tough loss man, the D actually played great against Brees and his boys until late in the game.Your right about the play-calling with the team 23-20. I think Fox has to step in and tell his coordinator to run the damn ball. The Saints had no answer for Williams, he was killin' 'em.Too many coordinators are trying to become the next Mike Martz and show their "genius" when running the ball and wearing guys out is the your best option.

  4. The BEEZE
    9 November 2009 at 10:45 PM

    rough year for the Panthers…But, hey…Not only could are you not a 'Skins fan…But you're not a Browns or Chiefs fan…Davidson blows!

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