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The No Fun League strikes again

What is it with the NFL these days? They act as if their players aren’t allowed to celebrate anything at all. Philadelphia Eagles’ tight end Brent Celek has reportedly caused a controversy by doing a “Captain Morgan” pose after scoring a touchdown in last Monday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The now infamous pose has led the NFL to rule that no further “product endorsements” are allowed in touchdown celebrations (even though the alleged monetary transfer would have went to charity, not the player). It’s bad enough that Celek drew a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the celebration, but to hear that no one can do a Captain Morgan pose during an NFL game again is just plain silly.

Has Roger Goodell and his cronies forgotten that football is still a game, and with every game there is supposed to be an aspect of fun? Or, is he just jealous that he couldn’t come up with something creative like a Captain Morgan pose himself?

Goodell should have more important things to worry about than Brent Celek posing like Captain Morgan in the endzone. And, even if Goodell had nothing better to do with his time, this should not be a concern of his, because it’s not like Celek did anything wrong. He made a funny touchdown celebration on national television — nothing more, nothing less. I mean, it’s not like he pretended to bribe the replay official.

But, that’s the No Fun League for you. It’s okay to facetiously promote gambling and game-fixing on the field — but for God’s sakes, don’t imitate a liquor commercial. It’s good to know that the sheriff has his priorities straight when making these stupid rulings. He’s doing a great job at cleaning up the league’s image.

Now if he can just figure out a way to keep players from giving high-fives…

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