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Oh no, not another injury

UPDATE: It’s official, False Start is on injured reserve.


Panthers placed LT Jordan Gross on injured reserve with a broken right ankle, ending his season. Practice squad WR Charly Martin was activated to take Gross’ place. The Panthers signed Gross to a $60M extension through 2014, so he’ll certainly be back at his $4.5 million salary for 2010.

Line play was not the reason for Carolina’s slow start — it was awful run defense and terrible decision making at quarterback. Gross suffered a clean ankle break and had surgery immediately, so the 29-year-old figures to be 100% well before ’10 camp.

* * *

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it usually does. This time, it happened to Panthers’ OT Jordan Gross, who was carted off the field in today’s game against the Falcons with a right ankle injury.

I knew this one was bad when I saw the play.

The initial reports are that Gross has suffered a broken right ankle, and if that is the case his season will most likely be over. With only 7 games remaining, there is little to no chance that Gross will be able to come back and make any significant contribution to the team if his ankle is broken.

This sucks for the Panthers, who looked today like they were starting to turn the corner and get back on the right track for a late season playoff run, but losing Gross will be a huge blow that they might not be able to recover from.

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