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Another one bites the dust

Sometimes, teams just face seasons where they can’t catch any breaks. That’s been the story for the Panthers this season, fighting off injury after injury in a season that has been well below the team’s (and the fans’) expectations after the 12-4 NFC South Championship season that the team enjoyed in 2008.

The 2009 campaign has been far from what the Panthers wanted it to be. Sitting at 4-6 and on the outside looking in to the NFC playoff picture, this team, already making ends meet with spare parts that were cast away from other clubs during the preseason, couldn’t afford to lose any more depth on special teams or defense.

But, lo and behold, the Panthers have yet again placed a defensive player on injured reserve. This time, the victim is LB Landon Johnson (who was moved up to starting LB after Thomas Davis went down with a season-ending ACL injury earlier this month).


Panthers placed LB Landon Johnson (knee sprain) on season-ending injured reserve. Johnson is the second Panthers’ starting WLB lost to injured reserve in three weeks. Dan Connor, last year’s third-round pick, is the favorite to take over for Johnson, though he’s spent much of his time with the Panthers practicing inside. James Anderson is also a candidate.

Hopefully this will be the opportunity to get a look at James Anderson and see what he brings to the table (if for no other reason than to evaluate what the future looks like).

Meanwhile, the Panthers had to replace Johnson on the roster, and to do so, they brought in someone who should already be familiar with Ron Meeks’ Tampa 2 defensive scheme.


Panthers signed LB Jordan Senn. Senn spent time with the Colts earlier this season when Gary Brackett was injured. He’ll add depth at linebacker, with Dan Connor and James Anderson needed on the weak side.

I’m not familiar with Senn, but I trust that he is the right player for the position (or the only one left who could even do a respectable job). Hopefully Senn will make an impact on special teams and provide some spark off the bench, and hopefully he will be able to contribute to the roster by doing something that many players haven’t been able to do this season: stay healthy.

I don’t know how this move will work out for the Panthers, but I hope it helps in some way, because at this point in the season the Panthers can’t afford to lose any more bodies.

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