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The Panthers are playing for pride now

After another mind-numbing loss today, the Panthers have nothing to play for other than their own personal pride for the remainder of the season, because the playoffs are officially out of reach1.

And, as it always seems to be the case this season, the loss can be laid squarely on the shoulders of Jake Delhomme and Jeff Davidson. Gump had the statue throw 34 times, even though everyone on the planet who follows the Panthers knows that when statue throws 30+ times, the Panthers rarely win.

D-Will and J-Stew were non-factors all afternoon2, and Gump allowed his quarterback to throw the game away3 and prevented any chance of the Panthers winning with his atrocious play-calling.

But I’m not going to rehash the game details. There’s no point. They lost, and are now out of the playoff picture. What they need to do now is look to the future, and give Matt Moore a chance to play. If the Panthers are going to have a successful draft, they need to know what they have and what they need, and keeping Moore on the bench isn’t going to do anything to help figure that out.

If the Panthers plan to draft a quarterback in the draft, they need to know if they need a 1st/2nd round type quarterback, or if they can buy a few years with Moore and wait until the later rounds of the draft and get a less-known guy to be the quarterback of he future4.

Either way, it should be blatantly obvious that Jake Delhomme’s best days are behind him, and he should find a comfortable seat on the bench to sit back and enjoy the last few weeks of his career, because there should be no reason to keep trotting him out on the field week after week. The Panthers are out of the playoff race, and Delhomme has had ample opportunity to recover his career5.

It’s time to let Matt Moore start a few games to establish himself as either (a) the quarterback of the future, or (b) a career backup. Regardless of what kind of quarterback he is, it’s time we get the chance to find out. Besides, things couldn’t be much worse for the Panthers with Moore in the lineup6.


1 – Okay, they’re not officially out of the race. But, the Panthers have to win out (with games against the Vikings, Patriots, Giants, and Saints remaining on the schedule) and have to get help from other teams in the playoff hunt — so, while it’s still possible, it’s highly unlikely they will make the playoffs at this point.

2 – Some credit should go to the Jets defense, because they did a good job with their containment of Double Trouble.

3 – Literally. Delhomme threw 4 interceptions today, including a pick-6 in the first quarter, and had a passer rating of 12.7 (I wish I were making this up).

4 – My short list of who I would like the Panthers to draft:

  • Tony Pike, Cincinnati
  • Max Hall, BYU
  • Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan
  • Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State
  • Jevan Snead, Ole Miss

5 – And has failed miserably.

6 – Obviously it could be worse. I mean, we could be the Browns, Raiders, Bucs, or Lions.

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