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Looks like Moore will get another start

Nothing has been confirmed yet (because we all know that Fox likes to keep his opponents guessing until the last possible nanosecond), but it appears that Matt Moore will start for Carolina this Sunday against the Patriots because Jake Delhomme is still unable to grip and throw a football1 due to his broken finger.

I hope that Moore gets the start, because I’m anxious to see what he can do against a formidable opponent. The 1-10 (now 1-11) Buccaneers playing without their best CB2 didn’t really give the proper challenge to find out just how good (or bad) Moore is.

Sure, it was a nice way to shake off the rust from riding the bench for 2 years, but now is the time to really evaluate what he has for the future so the front office knows how to handle next year’s draft.

The Patriots will be in a pissy mood after losing to Miami last week, and will be playing at home, where they are 6-0 on the season. Hopefully the Panthers can pick up a much-needed win and move to 6-7 and get some help from a few other teams and get back in the wild card hunt3.


1 – Not that he could really throw it before.

2 – Aqib Talib

3 – I have to keep my hopes up until they are mathematically out.

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