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The injuries just keep coming

The Panthers have placed RT Jeff Otah on injured reserve, ending his season.

Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that your team is going to be one of the unfortunate ones to suffer through an injury-ridden season, and you have to accept the fact that your team will not perform up to the standard that you had set for them at the beginning of training camp.

I knew it was a bad sign when Ma’ake Kemoeatu went down on the first day of training camp (the first day!) with a season ending ACL injury, but I never would have imagined that injuries would have dominated the Panthers this season the way they ruthlessly have.

Take a look at this list of players:

Ma’ake Kemoeatu
Josh McCown
Louis Leonard
Thomas Davis
Jordan Gross
Jeff Otah
Jake Delhomme
Chris Harris
Charles Godfrey
Deangelo Williams
Julius Peppers1

Do you notice a common thread among these players? These are all players that have missed at least 1 game due to injury this season or have been placed on IR.

This is not just some random group of people — we’re talking about the anchors of the offensive line (Gross and Otah), one half of the most important part of the offense (Williams), and three of the leaders on defense (Peppers, Davis, and Harris) — and not to mention the starting and backup quarterbacks2.

Have the Panthers played up to expectations? No, of course not. But, they have had a lot to deal with this season: poor quarterback play, terrible coaching and game-planning, and key players missing due to injuries. It’s really no surprise that they are 5-8 and out of contention for the playoffs.3

Oh well, there’s always next year I guess.


1 – Peppers didn’t miss any games due to injury, but he was only available on obvious passing situations (ie – 3rd and long) for two weeks because of a broken hand.

2 – Ok, I will admit this one isn’t that bad, but still — if I’m going to make excuses for why the Panthers suck this year, I might as well milk it as much as I can.

3 – They’re still mathematically alive at this point, but a lot has to happen for them to sneak in the back door and take the 6 seed — so much that I don’t see it happening and have prepared myself to jump on a bandwagon once the playoffs start.

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