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Can we please get this guy?

Every once in a while, a player comes along that you just hope and pray your team has the good sense to draft. This year, that player is Cincinnati’s much heralded WR Mardy Gilyard.

Marshawn “Mardy” Gilyard – WR, Cincinnati

Gilyard comes into the draft off of a strong performance in the 2010 Senior Bowl, where he was named the player of the game after a 103 yard, 1 touchdown performance.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Gilyard is his mindset, as shown in this interview with Scout.com, where Gilyard discusses his plans for his offseason workout program and the NFL Combine.

Gilyard (emphasis mine):

The one thing I want to show everyone at the Combine is that I’m not a 4.51 guy (laughs). I’m working on my 10- and my 20-yard dash. The guys know I’m a lighter receiver – and my weight will come through my workouts and diet – so I may end up coming into the Combine somewhere between 180 and 185. I don’t want to be heavier than that because I’ve shown I can play and be successful at the lighter weight against those bigger, heavier, stronger guys that the critics said I couldn’t compete with. My speed is the only thing I really want to work on. I’m able to get DBs on their toes fast, but I want to do it faster. I’m able to run my routes, but I want to run them faster. I’m not worried about my top speed, I just want to work on getting this motor started.

Sometimes, it’s not just about a player’s physical ability. Of course, we enjoy seeing a receiver who has explosive speed and great hands – but sometimes it’s more important to admire a player for what he has inside – the makeup of a true professional.

Here at the Panther Playbook you will see more information on Mardy Gilyard, as I have officially joined (and probably started) the “Draft Gilyard” bandwagon.

  1. 9 February 2010 at 9:41 AM

    Sounds like a great mentality. I agree with him. Initial burst is far more important than top speed.

  2. 12 February 2010 at 11:17 AM

    Great guy to root for who I’m sure will have his fair share of success. Any team will have found a real gem that drafts him. Unfortunately here in Chicago they most likely won’t have a shot at him being they don’t have a pick until number 74. They could really use him though, he would excel in a Mike Martz offense.

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