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The Panthers handle everything with class

A lot of people involved in the NFL say that the Panthers are one of the classiest organizations in the league. They have been known to treat their players, coaches, and fans with the utmost of class, and sometimes it is nice to see examples of this behavior.

The first-class tactics of the Panthers are shown in the way they treated the release of QB Jake Delhomme.

The following is an excerpt from Panthers beat writer Darin Gantt’s blog that discusses the way in which Panthers GM Marty Hurney notified Delhomme’s agent of the decision to release the fan favorite quarterback.

Agent Rick Smith, who’s represented Delhomme throughout his career, was working in his Chicago office building Thursday morning, preparing for the free agent period himself, and certainly not expecting the next call.

“It’s 11 yesterday morning, my time,” Smith said. “I look down at my cell, and it’s Marty’s cell. We talk all the time. So I answer, ‘Hey, Marty, what’s up.’”

“I’m in your lobby,” Hurney replied. “Come downstairs and get me.”

Smith said he was initially confused, and quickly found a conference room where they could sit and Hurney could deliver the news no one wanted to be on either end of.

“He said he just couldn’t do it over the phone,” Smith said. “So what does he do? He flies to Chicago so he can tell me to my face. To me, that tells you about the bond between the player and the team, and the character of the organization.

Yes, Jake Delhomme was still released when some experts think he should have been retained as the backup quarterback (and some even think he should still be the starter), but the fact that he was released with nothing but first-class treatment should be a testament to how the Panthers conduct business. It’s not just a non-personal decision to Richardson and company – they actually develop personal relationships with their coaches and players, and I for one am proud to be a fan of such a first class organization.

Because honestly, who else would have handled it this way?

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  1. 8 March 2010 at 1:32 PM

    Hey Potato, in this age where most things are done via text, Facebook or Twitter, it’s awesome to hear that the GM actually went down to the agent’s office to this face to face, great move.

    Hope this post comes across Jerry Jones ‘ desk.

    • bwsmith25
      8 March 2010 at 5:30 PM

      I was surprised when I found out about this, because I would have never imagined a GM doing this. It is the epitome of class, and JJ isn’t the only one who could learn from this – I think this is how every owner and GM should do things, especially when it concerns a player who has been around for as long as Delhomme was in Charlotte.

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