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Panthers could be targeting Derek Anderson

Update, Part 2 (3/10): Classic response from Anderson on being released here.

Update (5:45 PM): It’s now official – the Browns have released Derek Anderson. Don’t be surprised if he’s in Charlotte tomorrow for a workout with Fox, Gump, and Hurney. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end for my sanity. (In today’s Gaston Gazette, Steve Reed wonders if the Panthers will sign Anderson now that he’s available.)


With the news that the Browns are expected to release former Pro Bowl QB Derek Anderson today (they owe him a roster bonus and just traded with Seattle for Seneca Wallace, so they only need one backup, and Brady Quinn is cheaper to keep than Anderson is), the Panthers automatically jump to the top of the list of potential suitors for Anderson’s services.

Are the Panthers going to sign Derek Anderson to compete with Matt Moore in training camp?

I hope not – we don’t need an overrated quarterback to come in and compete with Moore for the starting job. It’s not like Anderson is that great. Sure, he made the Pro Bowl three years ago (but we all know that making the Pro Bowl isn’t all that special anymore), and even if you want to say that the Pro Bowl is something to take into serious consideration – allow me to point this out: what did he do before that season, and what has he done since? The answer: not that much. His career QB rating is 69.7 (and his Pro Bowl season rating was only 82.5) – so it’s not like we’re getting the next Peyton Manning. He’s going to end up being a career journeyman/backup – nothing more, nothing less.

Sure, he made the Pro Bowl in 2007 – but I look at that season as the exception, not the rule. The bottom line: we don’t need the guy. I would rather bring in a proven veteran backup than bring in a guy like Anderson, who will probably have an upper hand in the competition because the Panthers offensive coordinator and quarterback coach (Jeff Davidson and Rip Scherer, respectively) happen to be the same two people who coached him during his Pro Bowl season in 2007.

If the Panthers buy into the hype and sign Anderson to a contract, consider me an unhappy fan. Unless Anderson can recreate his 2007 self and lead the Panthers to the playoffs, this move doesn’t make sense (he doesn’t bring the wisdom that an older, cheaper veteran would bring to the backup position, so obviously he would have a 50/50 chance at starting, which is not a good thing).

After Delhomme was released I was optimistic about the 2010 season because I was looking forward to finding out what Moore brings to the table. Now, I have that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I will have to put up with yet another year of crappy QB play before Matt Moore is officially given his chance to shine, and I don’t like that feeling.

So Big Cat, if you can hear me: please, say no to Derek Anderson.

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