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Some Julius Peppers fodder

Surfing around ESPN’s NFC South Blog, I found a link to an interesting article in the Chicago Sun-Times about Julius Peppers’ childhood in the small town of Bailey, NC.

What I’m most intrigued by, though, is the first part of the article that discusses Peppers’ decision to move to Chicago rather than stay in Charlotte where he was regarded as a super-hero by most of the population.

Peppers yearns to take his game to another level, under the direction of Bears respected defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, and he plans to unveil the Julius Peppers Project in Chicago, an offshoot of a program he started to help at-risk boys in North Carolina.

Keep in mind this is the same Rod Marinelli that was the head coach of the only team to ever go 0-16 in an NFL season, a team that is considered by many as the worst team to ever play in the history of the game (the 2008 Detroit Lions, for those who didn’t already know). He’s the man who Peppers trusts to take him to another level – well Julius, all I can say is: best of luck with that one.

So Julius, you expect us to believe that you couldn’t live up to your potential in Carolina? Instead of owning up to the fact that you didn’t live up to your potential because you didn’t want to?

I’ve heard some humdingers in my lifetime, but you take the cake on this one pal. And don’t try to say you’ve never half-assed your way through while you were in Carolina, because wasn’t it  you that said: “I feel I haven’t given everything I have to give yet, and I can do more. I’ve had a good career so far, but there’s still more I could give.”? Well it’s good to know that you feel that way, Julius. You’ve confirmed what I’ve known all along: you don’t care about anything other than yourself.

Best of luck in Chi-town Pep – you’re gonna need it when thousands of angry Bears fans rip you a new one when you don’t show up for a game or two. But you won’t care right? Because in the end, you’re still getting paid.

* – Quote courtesy of Pat Yasinkas, ESPN.

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