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Panthers sign DE Tyler Brayton to 3 year contract

It appears that the Panthers will have some decent depth on the defensive line after all. According to several sources, Tyler Brayton has re-signed with Carolina. The financial terms of the deal have not been announced, but according to the information I’ve seen, the deal is for three years.

This is great news for the Panthers, who were going to need to pick up some veteran help on the defensive line after Julius Peppers signed with the Bears, and Brayton is the best available option because he has a year under Ron Meeks’ system and several years in the Panthers locker room. His veteran presence will be helpful to Everette Brown and Charles Johnson, who appear at the moment to be the future of the franchise at the defensive end position.

Darin Gantt provides an interesting thought on his twitter page:

Brayton made it clear early on he wanted to stay. Said in December he’d have been “heartbroken,” if Panthers didn’t want him.

Even though Brayton is 30 years old and goes against what the Panthers have apparently decided to do this offseason, this was a good move to bring him back. I really think they will be glad they did this when the season starts.

Also, this completely changes the Panthers’ draft strategy. Now they can go after a WR with the first pick in the 2nd round instead of focusing on defense. (Mardy Gilyard, anyone?)

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