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NFL Schedule to be released Tuesday

Update II (04/16): Panthers.com has confirmed the preseason schedule is correct.

Update (04/15): The Panthers’ preseason schedule is now complete with game dates and times, at least according to Yahoo! Sports. I haven’t been able to confirm the dates with any other sources, but I went ahead and put them on the schedule in the sidebar anyway.

For some reason, Yahoo! thinks the Panthers will be on a bye week during Week 3 of the preseason, where all other sources I’ve seen say they will play the Titans. I put the date of the 28th because it’s a Saturday and it’s 1 week from the previous game on the 21st, so it makes logical sense (at least to me) that the 28th would be the date of the game. (Of course if it’s wrong I will change it.)


According to multiple sources the NFL will announce the 2010 schedule on Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 PM. That is of course as long as no one else gets traded to set up potential featured matchups that could benefit the league (Like McNabb to Washington and Marshall to Miami).

But, hopefully we will know the schedule on Tuesday and can begin speculating how the Panthers (and other teams) will fare against their opponents next season.

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