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Mocking the draft, Panthers style

Update: Thanks to the Denver Broncos, my worst fear is alleviated. Now, I can enjoy the draft without having to worry if the Panthers are going to draft Tebow.


Darin Gantt’s mock draft1:

Rd. 2 (36) – Tyson Alualu, DT (Cal)*
Rd. 2 (48) – Chris Cook, CB (Virginia)
Rd. 3 (78) – Eric Decker, WR (Minnesota)
Rd. 4 (112) – Dekoda Wilson, LB (Florida St.)
Rd. 5 (136) – Clifton Geathers, DE (S. Carolina)*
Rd. 6 (175) – Arthur Moats, LB (James Madison)
Rd. 6 (202) – Cody Grimm, SS (Virginia Tech)
Rd. 6 (204) – Kyle Calloway, OT (Iowa)
Rd. 7 (249) – Trindon Holliday, WR/KR (LSU)
Rd. 7 (253) – Traded to Redskins*

* – Gantt created two hypothetical trades. Trade #1 gives Kansas City our 2011 1st round pick for the #36 and #136 picks in this year’s draft. Trade #2 gives Washington our pick #253 for Jason Campbell.

Gantt’s fellow beat writer Charles Chandler also did a mock draft, sort of. He cheated and listed several choices in the first two rounds, instead of doing an actual mock draft like everyone else. So, to prevent confusion I’m just going to link his mock draft instead of putting down three or four picks for two different positions for each round.

And, of course, what would a draft article be without my official mock draft?

Rd. 2 (48) – Terrence Cody, DT (Alabama)
Rd. 3 (78) – Eric Decker, WR (Minnesota)
Rd. 4 (112) – George Selvie, DE (South Florida)
Rd. 6 (175) – Myron Rolle, SS (Florida State)
Rd. 6 (202) – Armanti Edwards, QB (Appalachian St.)
Rd. 6 (204) – Taylor Price, WR (Ohio)
Rd. 7 (249) – Darian Stewart, CB/S (South Carolina)
Rd. 7 (253) – Trindon Holliday, WR/KR (LSU)

Knowing how Fox and Hurney like to operate and keep everything hidden until just before they do it, I’m sure that no Panthers mock draft will ever be close to what they actually do. But, like I’ve said all along – as long as they don’t trade up and draft Tim Tebow, I’m good.

1 – I love how bitter Gantt is over the release of Jake Delhomme. You would think that he was personally cut by the team after reading his first three sentences.

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