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Defending Jimmy Clausen

Here is an interesting article that defends Jimmy Clausen from his naysayers.1

The article is quite long, so if you only have a few minutes you might want to either skim it briefly or wait until you have more time.  (If you just don’t want to read the whole thing, there is a conclusion section at the end.) It goes into a good bit of detail about Clausen’s strengths at the QB position and debunks a few myths about his shortcomings while at Notre Dame.

I’m not going to paste the article because it is so long, but I will post part of the introduction to give you an idea of where the writer is coming from.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t expect to convince anyone. At this point, if you still aren’t a Jimmy Clausen fan, you just have some irrational hatred either for him personally or for Notre Dame, because there is no logical reason not to have him as a top-10 player in the 2010 NFL Draft and easily the most sure-fire quarterback in the class. Really, I just want one post to point to that says “You’re stupid” whenever I read the same, tired, dumb arguments for why Clausen doesn’t deserve a first-round grade.

And, for good measure I will paste the last sentence of the article, to give you an idea of what the author is trying to prove.

In essence, there is no reason Jimmy Clausen should not be, at the very least, considered the top quarterback in this draft class.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, so if you have the time to kill I would recommend you read it.

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1 – Article courtesy of WalterFootball and CSR.

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  1. 26 April 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Fact of the matter is, the Panthers needed to add a QB and got themselves a steal late in the draft after they had the chance to address other needs. It was a smart pick of a player with a lot of talent.

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