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Chris Harris traded to Chicago

Update: According to the Charlotte Observer, it’s a good thing we traded Hitman, because apparently the team was prepared to release him. They allegedly tried to trade him during draft weekend, but no teams had anything to offer in return. If this is true, then it is good that we traded him instead of releasing him outright. Getting a backup linebacker who may only play special teams is better than getting nothing, and if he becomes a starter then it ends up being a great decision by the front office.

* * * *

Sometimes it really sucks when I have to type transactions that have been made, and this is one of those times. But today, the Panthers have traded SS Chris Harris to the Bears for LB Jamar Williams, according to a report by ESPN. This will be Harris’ 2nd stint with the Bears, who drafted him in the 6th round in the 2005 draft.

Harris had announced on his Twitter page earlier in the day that he was being sent back to Chicago, but I didn’t want to believe it at first because he is a really good football player and a frequent contributor at CSR, but it appears that Panthers Nation will have to cope with the loss of Hitman and prepare to welcome Williams into the fold.

Charles Godfrey is the most logical player to replace Harris at SS, with 2nd year FS Sherrod Martin moving into the starting lineup. Jamar Williams looks to compete with Dan Connor and Charles Johnson for the OLB position during training camp.

Thanks for the memories Hitman, you will be missed.

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